2020-Free in Review

Every year around this time, I take time to look back at the year that was. Over the past few years, I have had a lot to say. This was because I thought there was a lot that happened.

2023 was a very different year. This is a year where a lot, I mean a lot, has happened. I choose not to go into the details because it is not in the details of what happened that I gained my lesson. The review for this year is summed up in one sentence

“Motho ga a itsiwe, e se naga” – Ga go na ope yo o ka itseng boteng jwa pelo ya o mongwe

I do not know myself and I doubt I ever will. but like the forest I will keep finding unexplored parts with new wonders.

I will also have the courtesy to allow others to take journey as they see fit and in their own time.