5 Tips On How To Recover From The Holiday Diet

Today marks the last Sunday of the “Holiday Period”. This is the last day most of us will have that piece of cake. I advocate for a Low-Carb High-Fat diet. The two common LCHF diets are Keto and Banting. Here are 5 tips to turn your body back into the fat burning machine.


Pace yourself. reduce the carbs gradually (but not at snail pace). We are not trying to shock your body. Try to stay away from foods that trigger carb and sugar cravings.


Try a 16/8 Fast. This means no eating for 16 hours (4 hours before sleep, 8 hours sleep & 4 hours after sleep. easy). You then have an 8 hour window in which to eat. This is if you are comfortable with fasting.


The idea is to deplete your glycogen stores. The sooner your body has less glucose energy stores, the sooner it will revert to stored fat for energy.


Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Watch your electrolyte levels. Sodium, calcium, potassium, chloride, phosphate, and magnesium are all electrolytes. You get them from the foods you eat and the fluids you drink. The levels of electrolytes in your body can become too low or too high. This can happen when the amount of water in your body changes.


Don’t vilify yourself for what happened the past few weeks. Take responsibility for the slip up and understand that you are able to change. Understand the reasons for the mishap and work on how to prevent it in the future.

For more advise on how to adjust your eating habits, get in touch and we can discuss how to eat well.