All Work And No Play Makes Me A Dull Daddy!

I am not sure when the venom from the Comrades bug wore off, but it must have been after completing the 3rd one. I have never had the same excitement nor intensity since.

I love running, I love the time out with myself, I love the challenge of the route, I love the natural high when the race is done. There is one thing I do know about myself, Monotony is a deal breaker.

I find it difficult to continue with anything that does not offer excitement, twists and turns & surprises. Call me an adrenaline junkie.

I still find the idea of running 90Km within 12 hours insane. Having completed the challenge, I now look forward to the next fix.

After almost 3 years of invites to do Obstacle Course Races by Mary-Jane OCR Dottir (Thank you!) , I finally took the plunge. While the running community was having a party in Secunda, I took a detour to JOZI. If ill-prepared was a person, that person is me!

The Spartan Race Workout Tour was something else!

We were welcomed by what looked like simple obstacles; Monkey bars, spears, ropes, walls, stone balls, buckets, sand bags and a 50m hill…what could be so tough. Well, it was all tough, all of it, even just standing there resting (squat position) was tiring. It is just relentless; you are always working.

I did it, I want to do it again and again!

From this day I have exactly 12 weeks till the 1st Spartan Race. Being a trainer has added pressure for performance. I must know how to prepare properly. Apart from the bruises, blisters, scratches and aches, I am really excited about this new form of play.

The truth is, I will keep running, I have just added, jumping, climbing, throwing, carrying, bending, twisting & crawling to the mix.