Always Look on the Bright Side

I hope you are well!

What a time to be ALIVE, key word being ALIVE. Our world has experienced many attacks. Some by humans on others, others by bacteria, viruses. This latest attack on humans represents for me an opportunity to look at my place in society (Micro and Macro). What is the impact of my creation?

Most of us doubt the significance of any of our actions, if this pandemic does not show each of us how significant we are to the planet, they we may need a few more reminders. You matter, your actions matter, your thoughts matter, your feelings matter. All of that matters not just for you and yours, it matters for every aspect of creation.

We spend too much of our time in the past or in the future. We can’t even pay attention to NOW, we can’t pay attention to ourselves!

The virus is doing what a virus does, find a host, use the resources to stay alive and reproduce, the host may or may not be harmed in the process and then move on to another host.

That sounds a lot like another organism on earth!

Here are some tips on staying well in the face of the latest threat.

Awareness. Be aware of your general energy, physical, psychological and emotional health. The first sign that there is an intruder in the body is the energy shift in the body. You know that feeling you get when danger approaches. We probably all have it at a cellular level. Feel your being in totality for a shift in energy. Just a body scan to focus on every part of the body may help you feel any ailments. In case you can’t feel it, the symptoms should be a tell-tale sign.

Be resolute. Resolution in this context means built strong. Fortify the body. Exercise, eat well, good hygiene and rest. The threat of any virus to the body is always a matter of serious concern. A kink in the armour allows the intruder to compromise the body. Don’t just be ok (50-70%), be 100%. Our bodies should at least be able to keep the threat at bay while we look for external solutions. Don’t wait till tomorrow, take action now.

Take precaution. The rules imposed by governments and organisations are to manage a situation, not prevent it. We were never ready; we are chasing a moving target that replicates faster than we can say repli…. It is best to comply with recommendations from those who are learned in virology and disaster management.

Learn. Education on a subject gives us some basis for our decisions. The more you know (from reliable sources) the better the decisions you make.

I can’t predict the future and say we will get through this or not. All I know is that we are here, now. Let us be fully alive and take it one step at a time. We have an opportunity to change how we treat each other and our environment. let’s each do our little bit. Stay well.

Remember “You are Love and you are Loved”