Birthday Wish List 2020

On the 07 February it will be my 39th birthday. I have been giving some thought to all that I would appreciate for my birthday. Here is a list of items that I would really appreciate. Should it happen that you are interested in becoming a genie, I will receive with open arms.

Must – Mandatory

  • Presence. (meditate, pause, observe, don’t judge)
  • Optimal health (rest, exercise, manage stress & eat well)
  • Sharp mind (study, analyse)
  • Balance (not standing on one leg, although that will help too)

Should – High Priority

  • House decorations (Canvas pictures, plants)
  • A new vegetable garden (Seeds, Portable Planters, fertiliser)

Could – Preferred but not necessary

  • Polar Vantage V TITAN
  • Adidas SolarBoost
  • Vacation
  • A Cupcake

Would – Can be postponed and executed in the future

  • Wellness Centre
  • Laptop
  • Digital Camera