On the 16 August i visited a friend of mine. The evening was rounded off with a plate of lamb curry served with rice. It was a great meal to part with refined carbs. That was the day we decided to change our eating habits.

At the time of writing this article it had been 32 days of intermittent fasting.
16-18 Hour fasts followed by 6-8 Hours eating periods. We also implemented a Low Carb High Fat (banting & ketogenic) diet. On top of all that the gym has opened and i am at least getting a minimum of 4 hours indoor cycling a week. This coupled with sporadic weight training is helping me get back into the swing of things.

There are some quantitative results to the month long practices like fat loss. Most of the results are qualitative such as better quality sleep, higher energy levels, reduced stress and better moods.

It is how we setup our goals that allows us to continue grafting. When one sets a morphing goal, it is easier to keep going. The short term smaller goals are great but they are then not as important or debilitating when they are not achieved.

An example is having set the goal as “Good Quality of Life”. This goal has no bound and limits and can and does include all aspects of my life. On a physical level, even if i do not have chiseled abdominal muscles, i am not deterred. I know that it is important to be kind to myself and work from where I am to where I would like to be.

It is true that the outward appearance has many of us in a frenzy. I, however believe that one has to be intrinsically well, and it will manifest and project an exterior to match.

Take time to understand yourself, inside and out and you will soon realise that some changes are those no one can see.