Clarity and focus, these have been part of my challenges as a business owner. I have found myself going through the 3 years of my business without much direction.

The quote “when you serve everyone, you serve no one” is very applicable to my wellness business.

I understand that the process has brought me where I am now. A quick review of the past 1000+ days led me to the point where I am questioning a few things.

Firstly, my abilities as a trainer, the technical skills. This relates to client requirements and outcomes. There are clients, a majority, with whom I have a wonderful working relationship. The relationship may stem from my own passion and interests. Then I have clients that i dreaded seeing.

After listing all of the clients, and their demographics and psychographics, there are clear patterns. These patterns are also indicative of the results people achieve.

I have a passion for a good quality of life. What it means is that i strive for a balance. I work on people appreciating and working on all aspects of their wellbeing. I also have a strong inclination towards endurance sport. These 2 aspects show up in the work I do.

The clients with whom I have lacked energy are often those who fall outside of the scope of my passion. They are the people who make me question my skills as a trainer. I began to doubt my abilities and i was distracted.

Then I look at those clients who make the energy flow through me. The ones that bring out the creativity and fun. They also end up smashing their goals. People who’s lives have changed for the better. They remind me why I am in the wellness business.

Then secondly i question my business acumen. Do I know how to be profitable? Am I equipped and executing on all departments required for a thriving business?

As a business owner and being everything from chairman of the board to janitor, I appreciate the importance of every aspect of business. The challenging strategic decisions and what seem to be the mundane operational tasks. I often sit with myself and have this inter-departmental meeting. I find that i have not done well in one area or another. That leads to a drop in confidence and output.

In the end it becomes evident that Clarity and Focus are the things I am missing out on. 2 things i can change instantly.

Clarity – clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.

Focus – to direct one’s attention or efforts.

When i don’t know what it is I love doing and how I am doing it, that leads to a hit and miss with some clients. An organisation that has clarity and focus tends to perform well and provide high quality to all its clients.

Now that I am making adjustments to the 2 aspects of my business, i can expect a level of clarity and focus to filter through to my clients. This may lead to more people being happier and more fulfilled.

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