Comrades 2019

This is not a time for many words. It is a time for true reflection on a day full of lessons, a day of fun and a day of gratitude.

Life is wonderful. The only thing you need do at any moment is choose. There is a quote I love “You cannot see beyond choices you don’t understand”. The quote depicts what happened.
Bailing out of Comrades was a disappointment but it was an easy choice. I fully understood what it would mean to continue and what it would mean to stop.

There will be no revenge mission, back to the drawing board or any of that next time stuff. I am going to take it as it comes. Every run is a new run.I had the most fun I had ever had at the comrades, I met the people I train and coach, and met old friends.
My brother in law got the Bill Rowan medal.

To the SHAC Angels, I am eternally grateful for your support. Your patience out on the road was amazing.

The 10th of June and I am on the rooftop with the doves watching the sun rise. Doves do dove things and I do human things. Yet here we are simply being.

I remember that what happens in life is just a journey of remembrance.
We choose our circumstances to reveal things about ourselves.
We are not defined by what we go through, we are simply reminded.

I Am and We Are. It is just that simple.

You are love and you are loved.