Don’t let the break, break you!

Almost 2 years since my last live race, I am on the eve of a race again. I have done some introspection on how I feel. It really is a novel space.

I know that physically, emotionally and mentally I have gone through ups and downs during the “break”. The break nearly broke me but for the support around me.

I look towards this race with renewed vigour. The why of pounding the tar step after step for hours on end may be different, but I also seems clearer.

I wrote this in 2 parts, before and after the race.

The Tom Jenkins race was a lot of fun for me. I met people I had not seen for a while.

I was underway with my run and at about 2Km I caught up to a friend of mine. She was doing 21Km and me the shorter 10Km. I decided to tag along with her, instead of having to organise a catch up run session. The social aspect of the race is often overlooked. The motivation of other runners around you, the total ignorance of the physical torture because you are chatting away.

Taking a break from running may have been tough, it has as many disastrous situations do, brought a new perspective.

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