“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery”

Being born into a prison is not a good nor a bad thing, it is exactly the same as being born out of prison. Your perception of either is limited to the experiences. As I type this out I have been alive for 14 170 earth rotations, experienced 506 moon cycles and 38 earth revolutions. During this time, I was mostly concerned with my survival on this planet, eating, sleeping and staying away from danger. I don’t think I ever took the time to see a perspective beyond personal and maybe the survival of my family and friends. The nature of my life was neither good nor bad, it was what it was. I am however constantly reminded of the infinite possibilities.

Last week I heard a simple statement, “If you realised that the other part of your respiratory system was outside the body, you would not need anyone to tell you that you need trees as much as they need you”. I am not sure if it was a lightbulb moment but it was a moment that at least broadened my perspective.

The “I” that I usually speak of, suddenly blended into everything. In my current form it would seem I cannot exist without it “All”. I am a part of of everything as it is a part of me! The distance from the sun is perfect, the water, the soil, the air, it is all perfect. Everything is precise.

I think that this is something I have known innately, yet I find my life has mostly been geared towards unbalancing the harmony that brought me into existence. The quest to be more comfortable and to find convenience leaves one with more discomfort and inconvenience that leads to a vicious cycle of creating problems through their solutions. It feels like there is no end to thinking we can redesign the things we can already do such as communicate and travel. We are even going to the point of producing foods that occur naturally.

“Since we accepted time as the most important commodity in existence, our lifespan has responded to our quest for speed by flashing by just as quickly”

The notion that a being is a tool for the survival of another is as understandable as it is perplexing. It should come as no surprise that most “fights” are as a result of one being either refusing to be controlled by another or refusing to relinquish control of another. What we need to ask ourselves is why? Why is there a need for control if we are all doing what we are here to do?

We are so strongly identified with the ideologies that we have constructed or have been born into that we treat them as a matter of life and death. We want others to not only identify with our ideologies, we also want them to advocate and protect them. We often do not see ourselves beyond our mind made creations. Being a man is an undeniable circumstance of my existence, yet it is not who I am. I appreciate my part in the reproductive system as a sperm producer. Yet over time man has been associated with other aspects that have nothing to do with sex. People fight over the colour or design of clothing, defining the colour as manly or female. People will say crying is emotional expression preserved for the feminine. We do this for many aspects of our lives, sex, height, skin colour, language, academic inclination, profession, age, almost if not all aspects of life have some mental baggage!

To get past the mind and all its constructs, may be the first step to understanding one’s true nature and the nature of the connection with all that is and “isn’t”.

So yes, free your SELF from your MIND. Allow yourself to see what is, as it is, and not as it is MEANT to be.

You are LOVE and you are LOVED.