Saying goodbye was always hard for me, except this time. I am very accepting of the chapter closing.

Virgin Active hatfield has been my home for since January 2013 as a indoor cycling instructor, so when I gave my “last class on Thursday 24 February 2022, it was the end of a remarkable journey. 9 years! Half of that time was spent as a Personal trainer at the club as well. You could call Hatfield my proving grounds.

I have seen staff come and go and come back and go again. All humans are amazing. Some are just more pleasurable to be around than others. I have met people who have a presence about them. Apart from their work skills, they were really people on an intense life journey.

There is always something about Hatfield. I spoke to someone exlaiming that “Hatfield is more than just a gym”. It feels like the place is desicrated. There is an energy which can be harnessed to enhance and sometimes heal those that need it most.

Call me crazy, but saying goodbye to a place like that can be tough. I have been shaped and helped to shape what is a haven for some. This goodbye is really a Good Bye.