This past week was my 38thBirthday anniversary. That basically means I have experienced the earth go around the sun 38 times.

A gym club member walked into my class on my birthday and said; “didn’t you say it is your birthday today?”. “it is”, I replied. She then proceeded to give me a snickers chocolate bar. I am talking about someone whose life contact with me is through the indoor cycling class.

It got me thinking about the day and what it meant for me.

I started with the person who most actively participated, my mother. I am first born to my mother and so this day may hold serious significance to her because it is the day she delivered me to the world as a physical being. This is the day we severed our physical connection and I became a standalone person. I therefore think this is a celebration of that process.

Then I thought of my father. I am his child. Though we do not share the physical connection I do with my mother, he is provider of half of my genetic code. What does it mean for him to celebrate or commemorate the day of my birth?

I should ask both my parents what my birthday means to them individually. Can they recall how they felt on the day? 

I then moved to myself and realized that I had no control over the timing of any events. If I take it a little higher in consciousness I may have everything to do with everything. 

Everything was exactly as it was on that day of my birth for a reason. I need all the details, another question for my mother. I know that I often got bits of the story from my maternal Great grandmother about how she took my mother to the hospital on a rainy Saturday.

Each year the world goes through a similar cycle. We notice this cycle because of the changing and repeating seasons. I have also noticed that even those seasons have changed, it does not rain as much, and the winters are colder and longer. The summers are hotter. The world grows as well.

I grow each year. I experience different things, meet new people, grow different colour hair, have a change in my body composition, store a lot of information about a lot of things, create new beliefs. Every Sun cycle I am reminded that I grow.

In the past 3 years I however feel like I have grow differently. 

Physically. I have become more physically active and my body has sort of gone backwards in the ageing process. Most guestimates put me under 30, mostly say 28 years old. I am capable of physical feats that I struggled with in my 20’s

Mentally. I feel like my mind is a lot sharper than it was. I solve problems with a lot more ease and also with a lot more awareness. 

Then there is a growth, which I choose to call humanity. I have grown as a human being. I am not the same human I was before. By human I mean all aspects of my existence. I feel a heightened sense of self and others and everything.

Where I would step on a cockroach I simply direct it out of the house. I understand that I cause it to search for food in the house by dropping and leaving what it eats on the floor.

There is nothing that happens to me with out my cause, I am responsible for it all.

For those of you who wish to open your mind to the endless possibility of “Life”

…Electrons circle protons and neutrons (nanoseconds), the moon circles the earth (days), the earth circles the sun (months), the sun circles the centre of the milky way (millions of years)…

Consider this, my current physical and mental incarnation is just a moment in an infinite existence, as precious as the past and as the next.

Belated Happy birthday to me and thank you to each of you for having being a part of the journey so far. 

You are Love and You are Loved

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