Learning vs Earning

“Money makes the world go round”, does it really? A world without money, would there be chaos? Maybe for those who have money, those without money may not share the sentiment.

Most of what each of us get taught from an early age is to respect money, how to make it and how to spend it. This is the capitalist dream, Human beings forever trapped in a system that turns resources into profits for a few.

I believe that all human beings have the ability to thrive in a true environment. By true I mean where the basic survival is ensured. Currently we are all striving to meet basic needs; shelter, water & food. These form the bulk of any household spending, closely followed by spending on how to make more money and paying for debt & interest accumulated while borrowing to sustain life. Who are we paying, nature? What is the total debt of the world, who do we owe? Is there enough money in the world to pay its own debt?

I remember thinking, “if I do not study and become successful, I will be poor and society will look down on me. I will not be worth anything”

I am not a commodity in the economic cycle; at least that is how I see myself. Although I am active participant in the process of exchange of goods & services, I find that my participation is more conscious. 

I went to 3 of the best universities in SA and studied some of the most demanded courses at the time. I dropped out of all 3 for various reasons. So yes I am not formally educated, yet I learnt so much. I would not have my life turn out any other way.

My learning has been transformed from earning capacity to growth & service.

Everything I learn enables me to be of service not only to myself, but also to those who ask for my help in my chosen field of learning.

The choice to grow and be of service in my growth often seems a sacrifice when the perspective is an economic one. I tell you this, if money stood at the forefront of my life I would be charging R1000/hour for my services as a personal trainer, I could be an Electrical Engineer for am mining corporation, a Computer Scientist or a Business Systems Analyst for a telecommunications company . 

I take nothing away from any profession or area of learning. I just find that all of it was in essence the same, Problem Solving. I have learnt to be a problem solver and that cannot be dependent on exploiting people or nature for that would turn me into a problem myself.

Ask yourself, do I have enough, what is enough?

You are Love and You are Loved