Trainer, like myself get up at least 5 days a week with prepared workouts for people who are looking for lifestyle change solutions. We have a responsibility to inspire, motivate and push individuals through their journeys.

Every once in a while a person will walk into the club looking like they really do not want to be there. They will have the energy equivalent of a graveyard. It is in that moment that you know why they pitched up, they paid for your time.

We all go through phases in our training when we really do not feel like doing anything. Just sleep in, wake up to pancakes, go out for burgers, and just lay on the couch all day. I say “Don’t fight these moments” Learn to understand why you are motivation(less).

It could be a lot of different factors that lead to this state. More often than not, it relates to your initial motivation. Whatever the reason, it is in your interest to get back to action asap.

My Top 10 Hacks for getting your groove back

  • Early riser. I start early no matter what. Be in the club at 05:00 even if its a 30 minute treadmill session.
  • Variety. Monotony will kill your mojo. Change your programme often.
  • 10 or Out. Start the workout if after 10 minutes the endorphins are not lifting the mood, then bail.
  • Move the Posts. Adjusting goals can give you new motivation. Knowing you have to go further will get you going sooner rather than never.
  • Get Out. Try doing your workout in a new environment. The air-con and smelly change-room can be a turn off.
  • Tag A Friend. Make it competitive by challenging a friend for the week/month. keep the competition healthy.
  • Beats. Music can really pick you up. that gangster rap or progressive house jam can tune you back in the mood.
  • Gadgets and Gear. Trying out new gadgets and wearing new gear will get you in the gym fast. Vanity. I get new shoes every 3 months (fetish)
  • Get a PT. Nothing will get you out of bed like knowing that you made a financial commitment.
  • Hit Pause. You probably need to take a break from the training anyway. Come back stronger

I am writing this cos I have been on a 18 month slump, especially from running. I just could not get out and run, I did not feel it.

  • I had done 3 comrades. Mental
  • I was avoiding my ex. Emotional
  • I was lazy. Mental
  • I was injured. Physical

Well now I have adjusted a few things and I feel a bit better about it. No matter how long it takes, work through your reasons and soon you will be back to what you enjoy doing.