Nothing Personal about this training!

Day 3 at the new spot and I am already cringing! Those that know me know very well how pedantic I get about a lot of things. Least of all “PERSONAL TRAINING”.

Personal training is a luxury service. This means only a small part of the population can actually afford to pay for this service. I expect the service to be that, PERSONAL. There are far too many many poor (rich, maybe just well off) souls being taken for a ride in the name of personal training.

I don’t think I am being too much when I say, “The hour for which I charge, is the tip of the iceberg”. The amount of work that goes into researching and planning the optimal balance between a client’s requirements and the interventions takes up more time than just the actual intervention itself. It then puzzles me when a client can be left to administer the exercises by themselves when part of a PT’s expertise is to monitor and ensure safety.

The company where I practice has recently introduced a tiering model for PT’s from starters to Elite. This is not a gimmick. This is so individuals can make conscious decisions about the level of expertise with which they wish to engage. It is however going to be difficult for memebers to really find the right kind of service without knowing what is possible and how much a of an impact a good PT can have one’s life.

The best advise I can give to any member looking to work with a trainer is this ” Remove all the fluff, bells, whistles and lights. Look for a Personal Trainer, A person who will help you”