I have come across this concept many times. In books,  videos, conversation and all other media. Everytime has been on a conceptual level. This is because most communication is done at that level.

Even in writing this I am one in an endless list of people who have tried, are trying and will keep trying to encasulate the inconceivable into words.


Practically, NOW is a time and space concept based on perception and conditioning.  It may carry a depth that we often miss. The relativity of matter and associated time, gives NOW the aspect of THEN (past or future).

To show how feeble my mind is, it cannot comprehend that it exists
• Before, during and after its creation
• everywhere and nowhere,
• With or without.

This post is in itself a futile exercise, in that it uses itself to answer its own questions about itself. That would require….”I actually don’t know!”