Reconnect Hike 2.0

Success, what is success? It is one side of a duality that includes failure! Life has no success of failure! Life happens without any pre-set parameters for achievement. There is no minimum requirement or excellence standard. Circumstances are not life.

On Saturday 02 April 2022, myself and a few people took the short trek to Milorho Lodge for our second hike as a group. Following the first hike there was a sense of anticipation and excitement.

The week leading up to this hike was rather odd. There were a lot of cancellations and people getting sick. I was a doubt myself! The morning of the hike I said to those who drove with me, “There is something about today, I just don’t know what it is!”

Hiking as a recreational activity has some standards that we have collectively come to expect. things like route markers, spectacular views, well maintained trails.

I remember saying “If I was to review this hike, it would not score very well”. When compared with the Rustig hike, it is flat. There are no sections where you are physically challenged. The switchbacks are too close to each other. The views are same. See a rock an walk around it, see another rock and walk around it!

The reality about this hike is that it is not Rustig, it is Milorho. Without comparison, expectation and anticipation one will experience it for what it is! I know that this post says nothing about what actually happened, this is because what happened to me may not be what will happen to you! Our path may be the same but our journeys are different. What is going around a rock for me may be an opportunity to use the power of crystals to align energies for another. What is a rock pool for me may be a call from the water element for another.

If you had told me that terrain would be what it was, I would never have gone on the hike. It would have been a failure before it even happened. Had you told me that I would meet new people, see people I knew differently, given a gift so divine and took one more step towards awakening, I would have said you are crazy. Either way I would have missed the whole thing!

Let people, situations and things be exactly what they are. It is when you connect authentically that the magic happens.