Results take care of themselves

In the work I do as a running coach, wellness coach, massage therapist and business mentor the common thread is that results take care of themselves.

It may sound like a nonchalant way of approaching life. Trust me it is anything but that. It takes practice at small things to make the result happen.

An example is having a successful fitness business. It takes acquiring the right skills, packaging and pricing the skills, selling the skills, delivering to the clients, managing the money, managing yourself, and doing it over and over and over again. The combination of all these and more are what is called a successful business.

The focus in getting the result begins when the focus is on yourself. Looking at what you do well and doing more of it, understanding where you may lack and improving. There can be no deluding yourself.

In this context, put all the sweat and tears into the small stuff, the big stuff will take care of itself