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What Is Massage Therapy

Massage is the manipulation of the muscles and fascia (connective tissue) using the hands and other tools to release tension and correct improper muscle firing to alleviate pain and correct imbalances in the body. Through a variety of techniques, such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy, overactive or injured muscles are encouraged to heal and function properly to allow the musculoskeletal and other body systems to operate optimally.

Take, for example, those who sit for long periods of time at a desk. Remaining in a seated position causes different muscles to become overactive and tight, such as the hip flexors, calves and chest. When this happens, their opposite muscles–the low back/glutes, shoulders and feet–become loose and weakened, and these imbalances cause common ailments such as low back pain, shoulder and neck pain and plantar fasciitis. Massage therapy is a fantastic tool in loosening the tense muscles and restoring balance to the body to relieve such pain.

Your body knows the benefits of massage (once you have one) but choosing the right type of massage can be confusing. There are many types of massage, so if you would like to try something new or have a health condition or a sports injury,

We offer two types of massage Relaxation Massages & Sports Massages

We promise to:

  • Listen and respect to your personal needs, preferences and requirements.
  • Find the type of massage therapy that best suits your needs.
  • Work with you to find your preferred intensity and uncover areas of tension that are affecting you.

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Massage FAQs

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