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We offer two types of massage Relaxation Massages & Sports Massages

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massages

Swedish massage is a widely used, gentle style of massage that focuses on full body relaxation and stress relief. Your therapist will ask if you are wanting light, medium or firm pressure and any particular areas you feel are holding tension. They will use long gliding strokes and circular motions to stimulate blood flow and gentle kneading to loosen up tight muscles. The session may be accompanied by relaxing sounds or involve essential oils.

Deep tissue massage uses similar techniques to Swedish massage with an additional focus on tight spots and trouble areas. This helps to relieve tension in the deeper layers of muscle tissue that may be causing discomfort and pain. The therapist will go deeper into knotted muscles which knuckles, elbows or palms which may feel tender. Communication will be maintained throughout your treatment to ensure you are happy with the intensity.

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Sports Massages

Sports massage uses a combination of Swedish and deep tissue techniques that are adapted to treat sporting injuries, aches and pains. Repetitive or intense training can leave muscles feeling tired and achy.  From elite athletes to weekend warriors to the average exerciser, sports massage is a popular choice.

Sports massage uses gentle strokes, deep kneading, neuromuscular techniques and stretching to enhance blood flow to these muscles and relieve tension. This helps to improve flexibility, enhance sporting performance and reduce your risk of injury.

Sports massage can be used in the following ways

Injury Rehabilitation focuses on the injury and I work on getting you back to full fitness.

Injury Prevention is has a sport-specific focus that assess your bio-mechanical imbalances, areas of tightness and range of motion and provide therapeutic treatments to help balance your body.

Maintenance – Have your massage weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. These sessions are designed to reduce recovery time between intense workouts, decrease muscle tightness and reduce the potential for injury.

Pre-Event massage is a light, invigorating session designed to prepare your body and mind for your event. This massage is usually scheduled 48-24 hours before competition.

At-the-Event – Participating in a endurance, multi-stage or multi-day event. This treatment is similar to pre-event massage, this session helps to remove cellular waste, speeds recovery for tired, aching muscles and prepares you physically and mentally.

Post Event – The focus is on restoring your body to its pre-event condition by reducing recovery time, treating injuries and relaxing muscles. We recommend you receive this treatment within 48 hours of your competition.

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