Solving the “Money” problem

The main lesson at meditation school is “Pause, Observe, Don’t Judge”. These are very simple words. All actionable.The first of this 3 step process is the PAUSE. It is literally the ability to stop. Be it for a second, a minute or an hour, the pause puts heightens the sense of awareness by removing you from the situation.

For the past few months there have been some changes at the health club where I am a tenant. There has been a reduction in membership and access which in turn has put pressure on the business finances.

In a bid to ease the pressure, I was looking for solutions. I started talking to my clients and a few people I know about moving to another club, a bigger club. My clients were comfortable with following me to the new club, some even willing to increase their fees. The new club would offer 3 times as many potential clients. The price for this was twice the rent I was paying at my current club.

What I did not notice in my haste were the following.

  1. What the real problem was.
  2. Why am I in the business

This morning while having a chat about the financial outlook of the business as well as the additional services, I stopped (the Pause). I asked myself two simple questions. What and Why? I had gone through the how, where, when, and who! I had solved a problem I did not understand.

I now had to really think clearly about the issues at hand (Observe). The health club provides an opportunity; they do not possess my skills. I pay the health club for their facility, marketing, sales and admin to get the people through the door. Moving clubs just means I am willing to pay the other club (same company) more money for a bigger facility and potentially more clients.

The problem was not a lack of clients at the chosen club, it was a lack of understanding of how the club fits into the CKW brand and services. CKW has leased a facility at the health club. I need to see that I am responsible for the opportunities created for my business.

I believe that I possess a fair number of skills (business admin skills) to acquire new clients. I also believe that acquiring new clients is about the service. That was the answer and understanding I needed.

I am here to serve people, in this case assist people in being healthy (not just “Not sick”). I trust my skills and work daily to improve and add to those skills.

Practice the pause in all aspects of your life, when you are about to say something, when you make a decision. You may often find that the problem you are solving is a clay cow built by yourself. I was solving a “money” problem when in fact there is no money problem, I just need people to know about what services I offer on their wellness journey.

You are Love and You are Loved

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