Really enjoying the PT business mentorship sessions. I enjoy the way coach Karabo is able to simplify otherwise seemingly complex ideas.

Coach Karabo is super insightful and discerning. His ability to cut through the crap is just what is needed in a world full of clutter, confusion and distractions. He brings the focus and intention. He reminds you what is at the core of your business and how to pursue exactly that. Highly recommended even if […]

Excellent service, i received a great deal of information from the sessions, and in return they made me more confident as a trainer. I learned a lot from him especially when it comes to the importance of the admin side of the business and goal setting and budgeting

Everything I know now is because of Coach K, I was Personal Trainer ready but not business ready when I met you but after several meetings and taking your best advice into consideration. I’m proud to say you have saved me from a lot of headache in terms of how to run a business, finding […]