Since the beginning of 2022, I have always wanted start my gym journey. A few months into it I realised, I don’t know what I am doing. Coach Karabo’s stand for wellness is what introduced me to him. Our personal training sessions were very informative- he taught me lessons on how the body works and […]

As a person who’s constantly busy and has limited time, I loved the feature of being able to track my workouts, which allowed me to see where I was progressing, but most of all, where I fell short-this in turn gave me the option to put in the extra work where needed. The added advantage […]

As much as he may be training you physically, the wisdom he empowers you with in the sessions is also very worthwhile, not forgetting the support he provides for us

In short, the service I receive from Coach Karabo Wellness is aligned to best suite my personality and goals

He’s quite the opposite of what I imagined a personal trainer would be and by this, I’m kept curious and excited of what’s to follow!

With your reliable, consistent, and non-judgmental support, even when I am unable to be at the gym, has assisted me to see successes,

One life (and body weight) changing lesson I got out of my sessions was to manage the quantity of the food portions that I was eating but most importantly, manage the quality of the food itself.

His assistance in restructuring our diet helped us tremendously and as a result we are now eating naturally and feeling better than ever before

I began to see life differently – choosing to see positive in every situation and had more reasons to fight as I was also on remission from a breast cancer.