As a full time university student with little to no social life, I needed to find a way to destress and keep my sanity. Exercising was the most logical and healthy thing I could ever do, but excuses were the only thing stopping me from making the best decision I could ever make for myself. A friend suggested that I sign up for a gym membership. After some much needed convincing, I signed up for a gym membership and was asked what my goal was. At the time, I was not pleased with how my body looked and thought that I could immediately work on toning and shaping it.

However, I knew that I would have a challenge with knowing what to do and how to correctly; most of all I did not know how to use the equipment at gym. That is when I was introduced and started working with Coach Karabo. That is when my wellness journey began with weight loss. Although it seemed impossible to lose as much weight as I wanted to in the time frame that I had set, with the support and guidance from Coach Karabo, I managed to lose it in less than the expected time.

In short, the service I receive from Coach Karabo Wellness is aligned to best suit my personality and goals. I have now started toning and shaping my body as I had initially wanted .I hope to continue to achieve even more than just a great physical appearance, a balanced mental wellness and of course, maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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