Karabo is very welcome and easy to chat to on arrival at his course.
His presentation of the class is of a hight stander Nuut understandable by all levels, and is never put you off to the end of the class when a question is asked which I really fine so much better as you forget during the day and only remember after you have left.
The setting of the music and the environment and his personality is of a top class instructor.
He has a very interactive way of presenting the course which is great.

As a instructor I fine it extremely rude and disrespectful too arrive at a class late he is a person that is really punctual with everything that he did, I suggest that he should have the right to deny late attendees 2/3 min is fine 10 /5 is unexpected and those instructions have no respect and should be book on the next course.
I found the course extremely informative and the environment lent it to be the perfect setting for that standers of skilled

That kind you to all that have been involved in bringing out level of cycling up within Virgin Active.

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