I met Karabo Molokoane from a distance where I would sneak my eye through his sessions while he interacted with his clients. Of those days I remember wondering, “what are they talking about? Why is he not screaming and shouting? Is he even a trainer or perhaps he’s just a biokineticist.

I became part of the team and my wondering was responded to:
1. He communicates the importance of every exercise and movement to the client;
2. He doesn’t shout because he doesn’t have the voice I’m kidding. He doesn’t shout or scream because he finds it vital to maintain an intimate relationship with the client so that the client knows and understands the technicalities behind the exercises and thus do them right! No rush!
3. He’s both a trainer and a biokineticist. How? Karabo focuses not only on the goal set for the client but also on maintaining a good posture for both the short and long term.

I therefore confidently conclude that Coach Karabo is all kinds of fun, professional, patient, kind and challenging. He’s quite the opposite of what I imagined a personal trainer would be and by this, I’m kept curious and excited of what’s to follow!

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