Coach Karabo is everything I expected and more!! As a wellness trainer, he did an excellent job of understanding and assessing my needs and fitness goals. A comprehensive customized program was then developed to assist with my fitness journey πŸ˜ƒ with cardio, strength training and ways to improve my running. He knows how to make a work-out fun, effective and challenging (amophishe ngam on the floor 😭). His monitoring tools of weighing-in every week kept me on my toes, aand the cms would tell when Ive induldged on wrong food and drinks. (Yhaa alcohol is bad for your body…he would say with a serious face 😳).

As a result not only my body was transformed but also my mindset about the science of exercising and about life in general. He trained me for my first Marathon ever which I finished comfortably and injury free with a whopping 05h15 😁😁. Who would have thought!! It must be through his positive attitude and can do approach which he instills to each one of his clients.

Karabo is very knowledgeable, extremely professional, very reliable, punctual and patient. He truly cares about the well-being of his clients beyond working-out. He would even share diet tips and life changing stories. I began to see life differently – choosing to see positive in every situation and had more reasons to fight as I was also on remission from a breast cancer. Now I’m using all the techniques he thought me to train from home as we are on Lockdown!!!

Karabo is organized and delightful to work with. He has been my wellness trainer for more than a year and I would recommend him any day.

Looking for a PT, look no further.