The Miracle

What I call me, is just an infinitesimal part of a whole. A whole that is currently unphathomable for me.

Every leaf on every tree, every droplet in the cloud, every blade of grass, every grain of sand, every feather on a bird and most of all the space in between. All of it is made up of what makes “me”. Just as a piece of coal and a diamond are carbon based rocks. Each is formed under its own circumstances.

By some magic, there is an awareness . An ever growing awareness of the magic. The miracle is indeed the awareness of the awareness! Open your eyes and see, hold out your hand and touch, take a breath and smell, listen and hear. Then realise that it is not the yes that see, nor the ears that hear, nir the nose that smells, nor the skin that feels.

Like electricity one needs the right plug in the right socket. The electricity is always there, small current or heavy current. The choice is yours to reconnect with the source and to give expression to the power recieved.

You are the miracle!