The Transformation – 1

ps. that is not me in the picture

“Not having heard of it is not as good as having heard of it.
Having heard of it is not as good as having seen it.
Having seen it is not as good as knowing it.
Knowing it is not as good as putting it into practice.”

Transformation means changing form. In the fitness industry everything is about transformation. It may be reducing body fat, gaining muscle mass, moving better, moving faster, moving further, all aspects of fitness are just stressing your body so it can change in some way.

I have a lot of clients who would like to alter their body composition. Fat loss and slight muscle gain are top of the list. I also have some friends, family members and acquaintances who wish the same.

I believe that my occupation is more a teacher, lifestyle teacher to be more precise.

On the 10 March 2020 I took on a task to not only tell people how to transform their bodies but I would actually show them how to do it using myself. By performing my own transformation, I hope to inspire others to get involved by at least trying the process themselves. I decided that I would get myself unfit to the point where I am 25% – 30% body fat. I will also allow my other metrics such as VO2Max and strength and power to drop by ceasing all exercise. I will then work my way through my own programmes;

  • Get Lean
  • Tough and Toned
  • Athlete
  • Being Well.

I am still in the process of making myself as unhealthy as I can tolerate. The process is taking a toll on me physically, emotionally, mentally and my energy. I feel tired and my immune system seems to have weakened. The man boobs and the boep feel like they will burst out of the t-shirts i wear. I can’t even speak of pants. I inherited a big butt and hips so things are getting a little tight down there.

I will keep you updated on the first part of the transformation and will post pictures of my state once I have achieved the desired(undesired) state. I will then take a picture everyday at the same time. I will also post weekly on the process and the progress of the transformation. I will also use the hash tag #CKWTranformation on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.