Training Made Easy – Progressive Overload

Progressive Overload may sound like some gym jargon but it is actually a very simple concept.

Our bodies react to stress by adapting to cope with the applied stress. This principle is called SAID – Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand (more jargon). Bicep Curls work on biceps. If you do 10 x 5Kg bicep curls, you will soon find the exercise easy.

The body will adapt to a level of stress until that stress becomes the new normal. One then needs to add a little more stress so that the body moves up to the new level. The addition of new stress is called OVERLOAD. Every new step is PROGRESSIVE. After 2 weeks of 10 X 5Kg you may want to move up to 10 x 6Kg

Depending on the individual’s goals, the overload could be repetitions, sets, rest time, resistance/speed. The time frame in overloading also differs ranging from days to years.

A combination of Simplicity, Consistency and Progressive Overload is usually enough to get most people results. But life is not always linear and there may be other factors affecting how and when one reaches their goals.

Keep reading as we try to unravel the mystery that is training for fitness, health and wellbeing.