Valentine’s Day 2020

I think I am starting to get some interesting insights into this Love thing. In the past couple of days, I have spoken to people about Valentine’s day, relationships and Love. Words like sacrifice and compromise came up. I then got to thinking about myself and how my relationships have worked and are working.

To be well seems like a mammoth task when you look at it in totality but rarely do we ever deal with all aspects all at once. I have often said that we are Love and a relationship (any relationship) is a choice to share certain aspects of yourself with another. This Valentine’s day I will look at romantic relationships and see how we share who we are with others.

The following are all aspects of my life that I share with almost everyone (this includes people whom I find unpleasant). I find that in a romantic relationship, I tend to share the “good & Bad” traits in every aspect of my life. This is because it is a safe space that allows for introspection and inspection by my partner.

(Please note the order,I am not prescribing, just observing)
Physical – diet, exercise, avoiding toxins and injury, sexual awareness
Emotional – trust, esteem, confidence, understanding and accepting oneself
Interpersonal, Social & Cultural – communication, intimacy, support systems and groups, tolerance and acceptance,
Financial – understanding economics, healthy relationship with money
Intellectual – open minded, inquisitive, critical thought, sense of humour, curiosity
Occupational – enjoying what you do, challenges, work relations
Environmental – a healthy relationship with the environment
Spiritual – magnanimity, altruism, compassion, joy, care, reverence

People looking to consciously grow, share their true selves completely and honestly. They make a choice to be with another. The other PARTNER completes the feedback loop required for personal growth. When the feedback loop between 2 people is working optimally we call that a healthy relationship (This applies to all types of relationships).

When I am not well with myself, chances are I will not want to share that with anyone. Should it happen that I do share I may be very unpleasant. Take care of yourself, be well. I have a feeling that if you do everything will fall into place.

You are Love and You are Loved.
Happy Valentine’s Day