Wandering Soul – 02 May 2020

Good morning
I hope the week went well with the 2 public holidays. A holiday in the context of our current circumstances may have had a different meaning.

The days again offered an opportunity to reflect and widen perspectives.

Most of us are in a place of fear which manifests in mild (irritation) and sometimes serious (shouting, violence) ways. We are afraid of losing something, income, movement, physical appearance, sports performance, service provision and work, relationships and many other things that were used to identify us when things were “normal”.

In the past month we may have noticed that despite the lack of all the identifiers we had before, we are still ourselves. There is a deeper sense of self without the social constructs which for me is rather liberating.

If you dare, take a trip beyond what you do and find out who you are.

Have a good weekend