Wandering Soul – 09 August 2021

On this day South Africa celebrates national women’s day. Sigh!

I find that blaming this person or that person for injustice is an utter waste of energy. I now choose to vent on the keyboard and screen.

The 2020(1) olympics ended on the 8 August 2021. For me, the participation of South Africa at the games was an show of how weak willed and myopic our custodians really are. For hundreds of years we have been a part of organisations that a racially biased. Those “in charge” make it no secret that their aim is to have organisations which they run according to their rules. Why then does the SA government choose to participate in an event that clearly violates South Africa? Why not send a big Fuck You to those who say we do not fit in with their rules? Why does Mokgadi have to go through a biased system to be recognised for who she is?

This I know, no one is a leader or custodian of running, running existed and will exist long after the iaaf, ioc or any other organisation. Yes, you may organise competition and make money of the efforts of other kids. That can all change.

Those in the employ of the people, need to be resolute in carrying out the mandate of the people. Maybe on this day we may take a moment to understand why in 1956 those women marched to Pretoria. Then we may realise that a South African Woman, Mokgadi, was classified, then regulated and restricted by the “Pass Law” of the governing body. As a country we stood by and did nothing!