Wandering Soul 12 January 2021

You are owed Nothing!

Honesty, does it really make a real difference to life?

I have recently had to deal with an incident where honesty was at forefront of my interaction with a client.

The client chose to not communicate to me their plans regarding our business relationship.

I was then a bit shaken to realise the client had decided to train with another person in the same facility where i practice. This caused me some discomfort. In following the bread crumbs, i then asked myself why I would be so stressed by a persons decisions.

Simple, morality. What i consider right and wrong from a socio-economic persective.

Both the social and economic constructs and they myriad of combinations apply to people very differently.

I had to take a step, maybe 5 steps back and ask myself. Why are you turning someone’s behaviour into your problem? Just like that I realised that I had built a clay dragon and breathed air into it.

“And just like that, poof, it was gone”

You are owed nothing, because you need nothing.