Wandering Soul – 15 July 2020

Good day
I truly hope you are well.

These past few days have carried reminders for me about what I may call purpose. Purpose on the level of being.

You may know of the trauma I have gone through in the past few years. To replay the tape does not serve any real purpose. It is in the recognition of what was really playing out that matters. The lessons from the circumstances and how the trauma shapes the present. My reaction to the circumstances and the choices I made every day to get to where I am.

I was and continue to be the epicentre of a tremor that reverberates through the lives of a lot of people around me. I looked at the whole thing as a problem that I was facing, I was going through so much that it did not matter what effect it had on others. The pain I felt followed by the shame were all about me. Not once did I turn my head to look around and see the carnage caused by the tremors I continued to create.

Yes, it all played out the way it did and I could not be any other way. I am at this point NOW and it did not come any later or sooner. I now have a sense of service to other to hold their hands as we together navigate life with all its uncertainty.

I choose to be courageous, compassionate to myself and others, patient and understanding. I choose to be connected and sympathetic. I choose to be grounded as much as I am free and wild.

You are as much a part of the world as it is a part of you. The pandemic has shown us just how connected we are.

May you find the strength to get up and make the choice to be of service to yourself and others. May you know that the light that shines in you lights the way not only for you, but for all who seek a path. Shine bright so your path becomes clearer and maybe, just maybe you may help others find their way.

You are Love and You are loved