Wandering Soul – 20 April 2020

Good Morning

When the President announced the first period of the lockdown, most of us made pacts with ourselves. We joined 21 day challenges and decided to become better people in one or more aspects of our lives.

The external stimulus of a forced hibernation had us aspiring to do things. It is also very likely that our 21 day challenges ended at about 5-7 days. Don’t despair, you are still breathing and every moment is a chance to recreate oneself.

The lockdown was just another trigger for introspection, just as death or any event we consider loss or failure.
Goals and plans are great, however “The smallest of actions is better than the boldest of intentions”.
The goal you set for 1 year / 6 months / 3 months /1 month / 1 week / tomorrow, is only attained by acting today.

Have a wonderfilled week.