Wandering Soul – 21 June 2020

This is a message sent to a father on this day. It applies to a mother, an uncle, aunt and any other person who loves you. Share it if you wish.

Good Morning.

I don’t like talking, I love writing. Plus we can keep these words and read them everyday.

Just as mother’s day, Father’s Day brings me face to face with one of the most influential people in my life.

I often look at how you raised me, the whole thing to this day is paradoxically perplexing. You raised me but you also doubt the fact that you did the best you could. I know you wish for me to be better than you, to be happy, but you often do it in a way that you understand.

I know this because I do it, a lot. I do not trust the process that I work so hard at myself. I can only teach my children that which is in my experience, I can’t judge you for the lessons you continue to try to teach. All I can do is communicate my perspective as you do.

I have the deepest sympathy for everyday that you and I disagree. I am now grateful for the disagreements, it shows how independent you have raised me to be, the freedom you allowed me to have. I also know that you really have the best intentions and deep love for your children.

Trust me when I say, You are the best at who you are, I see you for who you are, I Love you.

I may not have understood every step of the partnership between us, I however know that every moment was and will always be in its perfect place. Every moment brings us closer to where we each need to be.

I thought this would be difficult to write but it is very liberating. I can’t be afraid of disappointing you, you love me. In the end that’s all that matters.

This is also the perfect moment to write this. No sooner, no later.

You are Love, and You are Loved.

May you have a wonder filled Father’s day and everyday henceforth.