Wandering Soul – 22 May 2022

Life can not be defined by the words devised to share the perception of Life.

This morning as I had a cup of coffee, not for the first time. I was surprised by the somewhat new tastes. It then dawned on me that I take it for granted the experiences i have each morning with coffee.

What was more interesting is how I had come to define such a complex array of chemical reactions, as just drinking coffee.

I look at what we call life, that which is indescribable. I now take it upon myself to stop the search for what it is.
When i look for a definition in the context of what i know, it yields what i am looking for as well as its opposite.

The lack of context or acceptance that a myopic context can’t define the thing, allows for a broader and maybe, just maybe a complete and real experience.

I sure used a lot of words here…