Wandering Soul – 24 July 2020

This was written on the 01 March 2018 to members of my meditation class

You may be aware that I am a runner. I have only completed 2 comrades marathons.

After our last class a couple of things are coming to the fore.
Running is my life personified.

Each year the goal is the same…complete the comrades marathon 90Km within 12 hours. Each year the task is always as daunting as the first time.

In 2010 I said to a friend of mine “You are mad, you run that far in one day”. Little did I know that my view was egotistical, I had placed barriers in my own way with negative thoughts. I had no idea what the race/run was about, yet I was quick to dismiss it. It took me one moment of “madness” and listening to countless stories of the comrades experience to finally sign up. That was the greatest decision of my life. Since that day my life would start changing in ways I could not have  imagined.

At the time when I first registered for the ultimate human race i considered myself relatively fit. There was however a voice in me that told me that there was more to do. This was not just another Saturday morning jog.

At any given moment in time I am as fit as I am, not as I want to be. It is my reality. I know what is required of me to realise the goal.
With every passing day I must make a conscious effort and take actions to help me become better than my current self.

I must become strong , flexible, have stamina, have the mental strength, eat well, drink water, rest and make good lifestyle choices all round.
There are many obstacles such as injury (which are mostly self induced), laziness,  work,….which could derail the process. Each must be overcome by remebering the goal.

Although there may be other people around me, the journey is mine and mine alone. I can share my experiences and training ideas and tips. Ultimately it boils down to a simple truth
“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”
I have to act to get any change I desire.

As I take each step on my running days I remeber a few things.

  • Pada pada (one step at a time, slowly)
  • Stay in the moment
  • It’s not a race, it’s a run

The sensory world is there for a reason, it is not the reason.
Running is my best form of meditation.

In search of our truth.

Have a wonderful weekend