Wandering Soul – 24 June 2020

Hope this week is going well and that you braved and survived the cold temperatures last week.

To change someone’s mind, I have found to be futile. To change your own mind, as easy as it sounds, seems even more difficult for South Africans.

Knowing that you put your life, the lives of your close cohabiting family and others at risk is clearly not enough to deter us. We are roaming the streets and neglecting the basic precautions to avoid a viral infection.

“I don’t know anyone who has it, so I’m ok.”

My reference is “I don’t want anyone I know to have it.”

I may be speaking from a position of privilege and comfort. Which is why I do not understand the mechanics involved in survival for others. I only wish that being human was not measured in currency.

While we live in a time and space defined by bottom lines, most of us will before this ends, at the bottom lie!

The choice is yours!

You are Love, and you are Loved.