Wandering Soul – 25 September 2022

This past Saturday, I woke up for my morning cycling class. I walked into the club feeling a little down. For an instructor, one of the worst things is having no members in your class. I was ready to give up on the class.

Then there were three ladies who arrived for the session. On a personal level having 1 person attend my class is all I need. I give to one person exactly the same energy as I would give to 10 000. Sometimes that 1 member is me!

As if by Murphy’s law, the power went out 5 minutes into the class. This was followed by the generator not working. The portable speaker then faded out within 3 minutes. Music is a big part of the group exercise experience. I then decided to play music through the speaker on my phone. The air conditioning is also rather important for enclosed spaces.

In a steaming studio with little to no music one can easily lose the energy to give a class. I am representing myself as well as the company for which I do work. Every member who walks through the door deserves the best that I can offer. The best I can offer is within me, regardless of the circumstances.

As a trainer, there is an expectation that you will fill every studio, have the most exciting classes with the best music. It is on days like yesterday that I remember why I do what I do.  I am an expression of the infinite possibility of life. The tools used for the expression of life can never be the life itself. Pause, Observe and Don’t Judge. The moment is exactly what it is and can’t be any other way.