Why I couldn’t get back to being healthy

Being a trainer is every difficult and sometimes very complicated profession. I am held to account on so many levels, especially fitness levels and diet.

Alhough my skill is to teach people to be well, I am often looked at as the person who needs to be fit, be the example. Walk the talk!

Since the lockdown started it has been difficult for me, I have really struggled with my exercise as well as my diet. My daily activity was cut by almost 3/4. I also had the urge to eat a lot of low nutrient, calorie dense foods.

I got into the habit of being generally unhealthy and I inevitably gained about 6 kilograms in 140 days. I have been sick more times in the last 4 months than i have been in about 5 years. I have headaches and i don’t sleep well. My body aches when I perform tasks that I used to find simple.

The worry of income and sustainability of the CKW business, school fees, groceries and all other financial aspects led to more emotional stress.

Anyone who has ever been stressed knows how it can lead to a downward spiral.

  • Stress – High Cortisol
  • High cortisol- sleep problems
  • Sleep problems – lack of energy and lack of exercise
  • Lack of exercise – lack of stress release

And so the monster feeds itself.

The process of exchanging my desirable and relevant habits, to the undesirable habits, has taught me a lot about what my clients may go through. There is a lot more than just “get up and go” to one’s wellness. As a physical trainer I often forget about the psychological aspect of training. Many clients struggle with their emotions as well as their state of mind. Most people do understand that they need to be well, it is the inability to dig yourself out of the mental hole that lands one back in the comfort zone of the bad habits

My Sugar-Free challenge to myself is a process of removibg habits and replacing them with others.

As you join in observing or participating, you will see how I take on one of the most challenging habits. The process can be applied to a lot of habits and will hopefully help you to make changes in your life. I will have some resources available on the application that will take us through this journey.

Task 1.

The first step is SETTING GOALS. The document explaining goal setting can be found under files on the APP. See if you can set yourself one goal before the end of the week. You are welcome to share it on the group chat or with me.
Apply yourself to the task and revise it as needed until the next task is revealed.

Get in touch about how to download the app and join the challenge.