Why I Want To Be A Tree

I often find myself referring to my brain(body) as a tool to experience my existence. The stimulus from the environment such as light, temperature, smells, tastes and sounds are converted to electrical signals and recorded by the brain for that very experience we call life. If these are tools, who is using the tools?

One could ask a simple question “Why are we obsessed with mimicking creation?” lights, noise, flavourants, fragrances, air conditioners, the list of our so called advancements are just a replication of what already exists, most at the expense of the very thing we are trying to replicate.

Human beings through their many years on earth yet short time of existence, have decided that they are in charge of creation. In our own texts we refer to ourselves as custodians of all under the sun, a sun that could explode and destroy all traces of earth. We justify whatever behaviour by attaching it to our manufactured beliefs. We refuse to accept that we may be the weakest link in the otherwise perfect tapestry of life. We unbalance everything.

I say that if reincarnation is an option, may I come back as a tree.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong or right about being a human, my observation is that we are adamant that we are great, chosen, blessed, mighty and all other things that give us reason to devalue other beings. Our perspective is driven only by human perception.

We explode fireworks although we are well aware of the effect on dogs, cats and other animals. We start wild fires and cut down trees, no guessing where we think we will get the oxygen we need. We pollute a finite resource such as air and water, both of which we are made of and need for basic existence. The intelligence which humans portray is somewhat questionable even through the human experience.

A tree, like many other (actually most beings on earth) is a simple being. It does what it needs to do when it needs. A balance exists that allows for co-existence growth and creation. I wonder if trees have conversations about us and our nature. If we could ask trees about life on this planet what answers would we get. In our usual counter intuition, we protect the oldest trees yet fail to protect the young ones and plant new ones so we may have more of what we value!

It is never the tool that performs the act, it is the wielder of the tool. If you are not the brain or hand that cuts down the tree, who are you?

On a note closer to home, the connection is simple. Men, male beings (generally speaking) have a false sense of superiority to the female beings. We end up with a sense of ownership over a part of self required for the advancement of self. Similarly, people who were born in a certain location on this tiny but vast earth think that others born elsewhere on earth are more or less entitled to life. Man-made borders are a validation for taking life.

We have allowed those we respect to take away our reverence of life.

Karabo Zenith Molokoane

No one who understands, even slightly the sacred nature of life, could harm another!

You Are Love And You Are Loved