You are the centre of creation!

Very often i find myself shouting (out loud or inside) about a behaviour I observe in others.
I may be shouting in approval or disagreement. Either way the result is the same.

Until recently I was oblivious to the reason for my value chain of behaviour. It thought, “I feel a certain way, let me express it!”

The last part of the chain, which is the verbal or non verbal expression of my opinion, is a the culmination of millennia of bias.
• A recognition of difference,
• A classification of the difference,
• Judgement of the difference based on direct or indirect, internal or external influences.

Everything that exists, only exists because I am experiencing it. Experience does not necessarily mean through the senses.

It therefore seems that everything REFLECTS me. I am then found experiencing myself through everything. Creating and recreating scenarios and responses

I now know, that looking at each time I have had something to say or not say about anything, I was merely expressing that which I desired or did not desire about myself.

At every moment realise that you are at the centre of creation. Make of it what you will. Allow your create(ivity) to flow. There are no miss takes.