You Go Girl – Fitness for Young Women

What is this book about, well the answer is in in the title, “Fitness for Young Women”. What is fitness?, What is a Young woman? What are the aspects that affect your fitness as a young woman? These are questions I hope to address.

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There are many Myths in the fitness industry, many of which are directed at young women. I will try to shed some light on the basics and some complex issues in our industry. Hopefully you will then be able to make up your own mind about how to walk through this labyrinth called fitness.

I have found myself entrusted with the fitness of a fair number of young women during my time as a personal fitness trainer. As time went and I saw my clients grow from their late teens into their early thirties I also noticed a marked difference in the society in which I work.

One day I was reading through the testimonials left on my website by my clients and realised that, I do actually make a positive difference in the lives of my clients. My attention was caught by the feedback relating to the changes relating to self-esteem, mental health and the other non-fitness (technical) related changes that the young women experienced.

This book is a reflection on the years of experience I have had working with young women in the fitness industry. It is an attempt to verbalise my approach to personal fitness training in a changing environment. It is by no means a complete account of my experiences however, I will try to give a framework that keeps things simple.

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